What is Solar System?


General Features

Solar energy is a clean source of energy produced from direct sunlight, without any harmful gas emissions. The nuclei of hydrogen gas, which make up about 90 percent of the sun, form helium nuclei by fusion, and a huge amount of energy is released. Some of this energy is the radiation energy that reaches the earth as a result of the reactions that occur in the sun. The process of converting this radiation into electrical energy by panels defines the system.


Solar energy;


- Inexhaustible and clean energy source.


- Plenty.


- No dependence on foreign.


- It is an inexpensive resource except installation cost.


- There is no transportation problem.


- Thus, Solar Energy has a SUSTAINABLE feature.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy

- Solar energy is a clean, renewable and continuous energy source.

- Solar systems can be easily transported and installed.

- They are environmentally friendly and easily replaceable depending on the energy requirements.

- It has advantages such as solar energy, no fuel problem, ease of operation, no mechanical wear, modular (changeable), long years of trouble-free operation.

- The solar cell is reliable and durable.

- The use of solar cells may be more economical in rural areas where there is no electricity grid or where it is expensive to take the grid.

- Each house can provide its own energy with solar cells installed on its roof. This eliminates the costs and losses of transmission and energy transport.


In addition to all these advantages, solar energy has some disadvantages. These;


- The efficiency of solar cells is low (around 15%).

- Initial and consumption cost of photovoltaic batteries is high due to production, but with technological advances energy is becoming more widespread and decreasing in cost.

- Costs are expected to be even lower as the usage becomes widespread.

- Solar energy, which is an intermittent source, has limited storage possibilities. Disadvantages such as maintenance and service life of storage units reduce the efficiency of the system and increase the cost of energy.


The above-mentioned disadvantages are overcome by using the sun in the form of hydrogen gas production through the electrolysis of water.



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